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For my own reference-

  1. Instead of saying: “Look at you, you're such a good girl. You cleaned up all the paint by yourself.”
  2. Try saying: “You cleaned up the paint all by yourself! That was a big task. Thank you very much. That was helpful.”
  3. Child hears: I am helpful. I am capable. I can tackle big projects and see them through to the end. I am appreciated.
  4. ________________________________________________________
  5. Instead of saying: “I like it when you clean up the books.”
  6. Try saying: “You cleaned up the books all by yourself. Thank you. I appreciate it.”
  7. Child hears: I can make valuable contributions to our group.
  8. Instead of saying: “Good job!”
  9. ________________________________________________________
  10. Try saying: “You did it! You must be proud of yourself.”
  11. Child hears: I am capable. I can take pride in what I do.
  12. ________________________________________________________
  13. Instead of saying: “You drew a beautiful picture.”
  14. Try saying: “You have worked hard. Tell me about your favorite part.”
  15. Child hears: My opinions are valuable
  16. ________________________________________________________
  17. Instead of saying: “I love your dress (hair, shirt, etc).”
  18. Try saying: “You picked out your clothes today.”
  19. Child hears: I can make choices.
  20. ________________________________________________________
  21. Instead of saying: “You slept through the night (ate all your food, etc), what a good baby you are.”
  22. Try saying: “I love you.”
  23. Child hears: I am loved, and it’s not based on my behavior or biological drives.
  24. ________________________________________________________
  25. Instead of saying: “You have a stinky diaper, let’s change you.”
  26. Try saying: “You have poop in your diaper, you will feel better once you have a fresh diaper on.”
  27. Child hears: My body and my biological drives are o.k. and not something to be judged, but something to be respected.
  28. ________________________________________________________
  29. Instead of saying: "Stop screaming.”
  30. Try saying: “You are screaming. You are feeling strongly right now. Do you want my help?”
  31. Child hears: My feelings and needs are valid and important. I can meet my needs and seek help if necessary.
  32. ________________________________________________________
  33. Instead of saying: “Stop crying.”
  34. Try saying: “You are crying. You are feeling (identify the emotion). Do you want my help?”
  35. Child hears: My emotions are valid and important. I can regulate my emotions and seek help to soothe myself if I need to.
  36. ________________________________________________________
  37. Instead of saying: “Good boy/girl!”
  38. Try saying: “Thank you for…”
  39. Child hears: My worth does not depend on my behavior or others opinions of me. I am appreciated when I contribute to “the team.”
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At first I’m like:


But then I see the price and I’m all:


Those little pamela’s chocolate chip cookies and the schaar cheese bits have been compulsively bought despite the price many times!

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If more men spoke up before, during, or after incidents of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse by their peers, they would help to create a climate where the abuse of women—emotional, physical, sexual—would be stigmatized and seen as incompatible with male group norms. That is, a man who engaged in such behavior would lose status among his male peers and forfeit the approval of older males.

Ultimately, this would cause a shift in male culture such that some men’s sexist abuse of women and girls would be regarded—by other men—not only as distasteful but as utterly unacceptable. In this new climate, individuals would be strongly discouraged from acting out in abusive ways because of the anticipated negative consequences: loss of respect, friends, and status, and greater likelihood of facing both legal and non-legal sanctions.

In fact, if men’s violence against women truly carried a significant stigma in male culture, it is possible that most incidents of sexist abuse would never happen. This is because contrary to popular myth, the vast majority of boys and men who assault, harass, and bully girls and women are not sociopaths. They are average guys. Many of them see the sexist treatment of women as normal.
Jackson Katz, Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help (via wretchedoftheearth)
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This is some top notch shit. 

This is the best thing ever omg

I’ve been laughing for days. love it!

I was not expecting that to be informative at all lol

God dammit. I’m gonna be singing this every time I whip my tit out for Kalen.

And I may dougie at the same time.

This. Is really good stuff. 

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book onesies on outofprint!

eee all of them please!!!


Uh, do they come in 2T-3T? Because that’s what my 12 month old is wearing..

Yes please!

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15 Year Old Girl Invents No Battery Flashlight Powered by Heat from our Hands



15-year old Ann Makosinsk from Victoria, Canada has invented a flashlight that doesn’t need batteries and instead is powered by the warmth of our hands. 


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Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. 

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“I’ll give you the same advice that I give everyone.”
“What’s that?”
“Have a short memory for offenses, and a long memory for kindnesses.” 

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"Once I ate two or three pot cookies during a poker game. When we finished, I watched my friend spend several minutes collecting all the chips, sorting them, and carefully stacking them in a tray. As soon as he finished, he tried to pick it up and dumped the whole thing on the floor. I ended up hunched over on the ground, gasping for air." 

Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just a hipster?

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Tonight’s Facebook Debate: Am I Shoving Gayness Down Your Throat?


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